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Noah Scalin

Noah Scalin is a a sculptor/painter/installation artist/printmaker/graphic designer and probably anything else he wants to be, from Richmond Virginia. Noah is most famous for his Skull-A-Day project where he created a new skull-subject piece of art every day for a year. The original project began on June 4, 2007 and is now into Skull-A-Day 7.0. Noah continues to post all the updated skull works to the skull-a-day blog (though many, many other artists contribute now while the original 365 are all him). ┬áNoah is also well known for his socially-conscious design group Another Limited Rebellion, which strives to create artwork for groups and corporations that benefit their communities, don’t promote harmful substances for people or the planet, and donate 10% of work profits to non-profit organizations. Noah is also a published author of books such as “Skulls” and “365: A Daily Creative Journal.”

noah scalin1

(Mutter’s Skull of Brains, 2010)

Noah Scalin’s art is incredible, if only for the sheer amount of it. Sticking to and still appreciating one subject after working with it so intensively is remarkable, and following through with a project demanding a new work every day for a year is just as impressive, especially considering I can barely create one a week I’m happy with. My favorite thing about his art though is the mediums he explores. Anything can be art, from carved aspirin to raked leaves and even (as shown above) actual human brains. On top of being such a ridiculously creative artist, Noah’s Another Limited Rebellion group is incredibly inspiring. Bringing political and environmental activism into the art world, and working only with groups who, no-negotiation, fit their socially-conscious standards is something I would love to be a part of, and anything stemming from punk-rock-activism is something I can get behind.

noah scalin2


(Selection from 100 Painted Skulls, 2012)




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